Fit 4 U focuses strictly on the consumer.

With 25 years of swimwear design experience Fit4U Swim realized the best way to fit a woman is by her  “figure type” swimwear concept. By targeting the needs of women today by combining trend with camouflaging ideas that produce fashion forward quality swimwear. It conceals, lifts and supports!

Real women with real figure concerns send her thousands of letters, emails and even phone calls on air with their comments. With the help from YOU and our innovative concepts we provide you a fresh, new look you crave.

Fit 4 U offers seven different categories which are designed to address common figure concerns.   Simply look for the color tag that corresponds to your figure:

  • Fit 4 Ur Tummy – Battling bulges?  We’ll win the fight!
  • Fit 4 Ur Hips – Hips a handful?  We’ve got U hidden!
  • Fit 4 Ur Thighs – Thighs a thunder?  We’ve got U covered!
  • Fit 4 Ur Long Torso – Lengthy torso?  We’re longing 4 U!
  • Fit 2 Lift – Need some elevation?  We’ll take U to new heights!
  • Fit 4 Ur C’s – A lot to lift?  We’ll support U!
  • Fit 4 Ur D’s & E’s – A lot to lift?  We’ll support U!

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