In early March our team began this project. At first, we started with medical masks and medical gloves ( that our factories manufacture also) and found that since we are not a certified distributor, we couldn’t offer those products to the hospitals, nursing homes and those who needed them the most, therefore, we turned back to what we do best…fashion! We want to provide our followers with everyday protection while grocery shopping, doing errands, etc. After doing research, it turns out that our swimwear fabric is perfect for masks and gloves because of its tight weave, UV protection, natural multi-stretch for comfort and breathability, and the fact that they are fully washable! We are really excited about these much-needed new products which can be reused over and over again!!! Below is a list of all the features and benefits of this new addition to Fit 4 U which is known for great fit and beautiful prints.

• Premium Fabric
• More protective than cotton due to multi-fiber tight-knit
• Quick dry
• 3 Way Stretch for Comfort
• UV Protection
• Cool and Breathable
• Fully Washable / Reusable
• Smart Phone Friendly
• Lined for Added Protection
• Available for women, Men, and Kids

May 13, 2020 — Fit4U Swim