The 2020 season trends continue to address the fun and colorful beachwear meets the ’70s. Choc full of hippie-inspired styling in “groovy” prints. This fashion trend is not stopping anytime soon so enjoy it.

On the “must-buy” list for Swimsuits for 2020 Fit 4 U’s trends and styling include crochet looking appliques, baby doll dresses, smocking details, asymmetric hemlines, the off the shoulder look, knots, and the ever-loved ruffles!

The Fit 4 U Bike short continues to be a staple in every fashionista’s wardrobe and adds not only fashion but coverage as well. Fit 4 U also brought back “The convertible” a top than can be worn in endless ways with a special molded cup that took years of development.

Florals and leafy prints for spring are a given, while the new black and white graphic print is charismatic. 70’s inspired prints still dominate.

Colorations range from bright pastels to the new earthy shades. Two new trend colors are Tangerine and Pistachio Green which is used as accents in floral and leaf prints. “We love tangerine as this cheery citrus shade is fresh and pretty, while pistachio green also adds life and interest to our prints this season.” Explains Pattie Byrnes President and Designer. Black and white are very exciting this year as a textured minimalist look, that while monochromatic, is still visually exciting. Chocolate returns this year, as the earthy palate, which is a color trend that will continue forward. Also included in the collection, is the ever-loved blue-green staple of swim.

One of Fit 4 U’s top-selling groups this year is the Loopy collection. A crochet-like applique is placed just in the right spots on asymmetrical tops, dresses and tanks. Summer Breeze another top-selling group is a 70’s inspired whimsical print in baby doll and exciting new silhouettes. “We love and had fun with all the asymmetrical hemlines and used them in tops as well as in dresses.”

Fit 4 U sizes include 6-18 and 18W-24W.

Fit 4 U is for REAL women with a REAL body, a dream come true!

If you are a regular gal with regular issues and dread the thought of appearing in the tiniest amount of fabric in public, you will be relieved because Fit 4 U is here to help! With decades of expertise in swim, Fit 4 U designer Pattie Byrnes and her amazing team will help you eliminate the trauma of the swimsuit shopping experience. With Byrnes invention and introduction of the Body type system in 80’s the dreaded swimsuit shopping experience was revolutionized.

“Every woman, of every size, has her own particular needs and issues, and our passion is to allow women to look and feel confident and awesome in a swimsuit. Whether you are size 6 or 22W, we have the suit that is perfect for you!” Byrnes explains

How does Fit 4 U do this?

What is most important to Byrnes and her team, is the end result. What are real women looking for? What do they want? How can we make them feel great?

Fit 4 U developed a line of swimwear that delves into specific figure problems and their solutions and offers a wide range of choices within each category. Every style is designed for a particular figure concern and corrects issues through the trick of the eye design and garment construction of their swimwear.

Fit 4 U Categories include:

  • Fit 4 ur Tummy
  • Fit 4 ur Hips
  • Fit 4 ur Thighs
  • Fit 4 ur Long Torso
  • Fit 2 Lift
  • Fit 4 ur C’s
  • Fit 4 ur D’s & E’s
May 13, 2020 — Fit4U Swim