Care Instructions


Use these helpful tips to get the maximum amount of wear from your swimsuit.

Before you wear your swimsuit

Before you wear your swimsuit for the first time, soak it in a mixture of two tablespoons of white vinegar and one quart of very cold water. Let it sit for one hour, then rinse it well and let it drip dry. This will help set the color, slow down fading, and keep bright colors vibrant longer.

Normal Care

Rinse your swimsuit in cool water immediately after swimming in chlorinated water or salt water.

Hand wash your swimwear separately until any excess dye washes out. Most will bleed a little the first few times it is washed. This is normal and bleeding will stop.

Hand wash your swimsuit in cold water. It is always best to use a swimsuit cleaner which neutralizes chemicals that eat away at the material and extends the life of your new bathing suit. Regular soap cannot do this. However, if you do not have swimsuit cleaner, use a mild liquid soap or mild dish detergent. Do not use bleach or Woolite! Rinse your suit thoroughly and allow it to drip dry in a shaded area.

To squeeze out excess water, roll your swimsuit in a clean, lint-free, towel that is light-colored and fade resistant. Squeeze lightly.

To remove a stain, work from the underside of the stain to push it out. Do not rub the stain into the fabric.

If a swimsuit is spot cleaned, air dry the suit. Then, if the stain is not gone, you may treat it again.


Swimwear Dont’s

Do not sit on the pool edge or boat without using a towel. Abrasiveness causes snagged bottoms.

Do not rub the front of your suit along the inner edge of the pool. The Lycra filaments will snag causing them to break. Your suit will have that ìpilledî look.

Do not machine wash or dry. Do not bleach or iron your swimsuit. Do not wash it with whites or put it in the dryer. Excessive dryer heat will destroy your swimsuit. Washing machines and detergents are too harsh and will lead to premature swimsuit breakdown.

Do not leave you swimsuit rolled up in wet towels or in a gym bag. Moisture left in your swimsuit for extended periods of time will lead to unwanted odor and swimsuit failure.

Avoid oil base suntan lotion. Oils are harmful to swimwear and elastic and will stain some fabrics.

Please note that hot tubs, Jacuzzis, and swimming pools that are heavily chlorinated will cause your new swimsuit to breakdown prematurely. Both the chlorine in pools and the salt in sea water break down the Lycra fibers in the suit. Also the bright colors in the suit that attracted you to it in the first place, are the quickest to fade and are not a manufacturing defect.

Use extra caution with metallic fabrics as they are very delicate. These swimsuits are for show only. The metallic glitter or shiny finish will eventually wear off.

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