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Here's 5 Quick Tips on Finding the Right Suit for You.

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When it comes to rocking a swimsuit, it’s all about confidence – choosing the right one that actually flatters your figure can make all the difference.

Luckily for you … it’s Fit4U Swim to the rescue! We offer sizes 6-24W. 

Here’s 5 tips on picking the right suit. Bonus, a few swimsuits to choose from our tops. First up everyones favorite camouflage area the tummy.

Hide Your Tummy:

So when it’s swimsuit time and tummy exposure makes you shutter, have no fear because with Fit 4U, there is no problem….only a solution! We design our Fit 4 ur Tummy designs with a 2 part process. Part one is a trick of the eye design. Details like color blocking and, shirring camouflage the area. Designs such as our best selling 3 tiered styles completely hide even the worst midsection problem.

Part 2 is the inside construction. Since we are women designing for women, we know what we want! Inside our Fit 4 ur Tummy tanks are full tummy control panels that comfortably flatten the tummy area. The key word here is comfortable! Let’s face it no one wants to walk around with a skin tight girdle all day so we create a suit that comfortably does the job.

At Fit 4 U we’re here to help you with a great, fresh selection of suits that ensure you can put together a swimwear wardrobe that is perfectly Fit 4 U and your particular figure concerns. See below for a few of our favorites for hiding the tummy.

Hip Help:

“Help! I carry all my weight in my hips and thighs! What works best for me?” signed, Desperate.

Dear Desperate,

You’re not alone.  Your body type is known as a “Pear Shape”.  Because you’re smaller on the top and heavier on the bottom, we have the perfect Fit 4 U.  The solution involves drawing the eye upwards and away from your lower level. My swim dresses or skirtinis will do the trick, hiding and camouflaging your hips and thighs.

Another trick, is to choose a suit that makes your shoulders appear broader.  This will balance out the weight at the bottom giving the illusion of you an hourglass shape. The best dress design would be a halter, H-Back or a style that comes in around the neck. This creates that broader shoulder look.  

I answer these questions all the time from our customers! Fit 4 U is here to help you. See a few hip helpers below. If you have any questions you can Contact Us.

Swim Dress/Thighs:

Throughout the summer your swimwear needs may change, and you’ll find yourself wanting suits that fit your lifestyle needs, I know mine do.  When I want to relax and get some safe sun (always wear sun block) I’ll put on a bandeau style suit.  Don’t you hate tan lines?  If I’m invited to a pool party and know there’ll be some sports or games played, I’ll reach our color block tanks, or printed shortini or skortini styles. Invited out to go boating, or a water park….our new romper styles resemble sportswear and a great choice!  They are so cute you could even run your weekend errands or do beach aerobics in them! 

And then there are my Mommy suits.  When my 18 and 20 year old son’s friends are around I want a suit with more coverage. Then of course there are the entertaining suits. We have a pool and I do a lot of entertaining.  For BBQ + pool parties during the summer, like me, I know you want to look fabulous, covered and elegant at the same time. For these events choose one of our swim dresses…they look like sexy sun dresses and you can actually swim in them. See below for a few of my personal favorites.

Bigger Bust:

“Nothing remains the same; the world, our lives, our bodies, are constantly changing” exclaims Byrnes. “I launched Fit 4 U to offer solutions based on brand new statistical data that has emerged.” Noteworthy is the fact that the average women’s bra cup size in the U.S. is now a whopping DD. There are many reasons for the increase in bra cup sizes but the great news is that Fit 4 U offers a full range of beautiful swimwear to compliment and support the fuller busted ladies out there.

In addition, the baby-boomer population is aging and with that said another void emerges; Baby boomers demand fashion and yearn for anything that will help them look their best. So why not look great ladies? Let's do this ... 

What our Customers Have to say ...

Above and beyond

"I have been looking for a swimsuit like one I currently own. Contacted them to see if they had anything similiar since I could not find it on their website. Was able to get two new suits thanks to their research that were exactly like my old one. Buying a suit is never a fun experience for me. For them to help me get exactly what I want was wonderful."

— Dawn Locke, Source Trustpilot


Best fitting suit ever

Best fitting suit ever! Follow the measurement chart and you should have no issues.

— BB, Source Trustpilot


I am so happy with your service! 

I am so happy with your service! Doing business with you has been effortless and your merchandise arrived within two days! Your description was spot on! I love the suit, the fit and the style. Looking forward to buying all my suits from you! Thank you so much!!!!!

— Nancy Sorensen, Source Trustpilot

If you need to know a little more about us you can contact us or just go to the about us page to learn more about Fit4U Swim. 

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